Monday, January 17, 2011

Relief Society Flower Delivery Service.

It has been so long since I've posted! This last month has been absolutely crazy. Let's recap some of the great things that happened! I'm going to avoid punctuating too much, or else everything will end up with an exclamation point because it's all so exciting.

-an awesome trip home for Christmas (includes lots of rain, lots of family, lots of awesome presents, delicious candy, fun with friends, and a new guest room that I wasn't allowed to sleep in.)
-a new semester with much better classes... which I'm hoping leads to a much better GPA. Last semester of fun, but seeing the grades that resulted wasn't too thrilling.
-a new phone! Droid 2, baby! I'm addicted to it.
-a new baby sister on the way! My mom is pregnant!!! JUST KIDDING. That was a joke. She is absolutely not pregnant.

So there is all of the exciting news of the last month. But today's story is about the time that we decided to take flowers to our Relief Society Specialist, Sister Honeycutt. She's been having a rough time lately, so all of the girls on our floor and the second floor got some cash together to send her some flower. They turned out absolutely adorable, thanks to Starlee's excellent flower taste. Here is the time schedule of our delivery.
5:47- I text Rachel to tell her I'll be at her room in 3 minutes.
5:51- I get to Rachel's room. Yes, it did take me 4 minutes. So sue me.
5:54- Get into Rachel's car.. also keep in mind that it's about 32.1 degrees outside, which means that instead of raining, it's just slushing.
6:00- get up to the Wilk to wait for Starlee to get off work.
6:02- Starlee comes outside, and walks up to the car behind us.. about to get into it.
6:03- Starlee realizes that is NOT our car, and gets in the car with us. Super funny.
6:10- We finally find State Street.. and keep going on our way to their house.
6:20- The directions say to make a slight left turn onto Canyon, so we keep on going down the street we were on.
6:25- I look at a sign and realize that we were already on Canyon, and that we've clearly missed the street we were supposed to turn on.
6:26- U-turn into a driveway and head back the other way.
6:27- Drive for 2 minutes until we realize we're back on the original street.
6:29- Turn into an elementary school for another U-turn, and get back onto the original street.
6:30- Drive for a few seconds, until we realize that we're driving in a bike lane that is rapidly disappearing.
6:31- Drive until it turns into Canyon again, and finally find the street we were supposed to turn on. It was 2 turns after where we turned around before. That's right, we missed it by 2 STREETS.
6:34- Arrive at the Honeycutt's House.. no one is home. Also.. none of the houses on the street except for 2 of them. Creepy, indeed.
6:35- Knock on their door... and stand there for 4 minutes while dogs inside bark like we're trying to rob the place.
6:39- Realize we cannot leave the flowers outside their door.. or they will freeze and die before they get home.
6:41- Look at the house two doors down.. which has something close to 4 jeeps in the driveway.. ridiculous. Decide to go leave the flowers without them.
6:43- Knock on the door. It's answered by 2 guys, who are looking at us like we're complete aliens.

Conversation goes as so:
Me: So we're trying to deliver flowers to the Honeycutts.. but they're not home! Is there any way we can leave them here til they get home?
Him: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................. What time do you want us to deliver them?
(Starlee and I start laughing)
Me: They'll come get it. No big deal.

6:47- The guys shut the door.. but we realize we've left the card in the car.
6:48- Go back to the car, get the note, return to the door and knock again.
6:49- They do not answer the door. Afraid of us? I think so.
6:50- Starlee shoves the note through a crack in the door, and we finally start to drive back to the dorms. Mission Accomplished.