Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Month in Pictures.

Well, it would appear that I just have quit everything about blogging. It usually takes a comment of some sort from Kristi Sexton before I post again, but it is my goal to post at LEAST once a week for the rest of this semester!! I promise. For this post, I feel like using some of my more recent pictures to tell the story of what has been happening out here in the 801.

We went apartment shopping! In the Fall of this year, I'm living with Starlee Jacobs, Rachel Udall, Hollie Vassar, Madi Mackey, and Jasmyn Torres! It is seriously going to be the most fun thing on the face of the earth. We got to The Branbury (which has had the BYU endorsement revoked many a times, definitely a good sign) and they had a marriage guarantee poster... which would be promising if I needed one. HAH. My friend bursted my bubble to tell me that a marriage guarantee is when they let you leave your contract if you get married... but I like to imagine it as a "Live Here and Leave Engaged!" type of deal.

We turned into team mom's for Rachel and Hollie's intramural soccer team! There is another game tomorrow night.. we're hoping to bring sliced up oranges in bags for half time. We're also working with the team choreographer, Matt, to work out the half time show. More details to come.

We went dancing quite a bit. Those are the good times for sure. I freaking love when we go dancing!! Also, Luke's face is just making this picture for me.

We picked the apartment that we wanted to live in. It's called Liberty Square. Turns out it's  mega popular.. so we camped out. You might be wondering why we're bundled up... so let me solve that puzzle for you. It was -3 degrees outside. DO NOT disregard the negative sign in front of that number!! We camped forever and more or less froze to death, but we got our apartment! It's such a great thing! But note to self... never ever ever ever ever camp out for something dumb like that. Just show up a few minutes before and cut the line.

We helped build a house! More specifically... we sanded, spackled, and caulked the crud out of that place. Grandpa Regnier would be proud. It turned out to be super fun! It took us a few hours to find the house, but by the time we got there we had a blast. Good times. There's nothing I like more than getting in touch with my inner man.