Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About DTS!!

DTS. I'm sure you're wondering what this stands for. I guess I'll start out with a really awkward/embarrassing piece of information. I LOVE the TV show Jersey Shore. Trashy? Yes. Tacky? Yes. Entertaining beyond words? Abso. Last year I was getting ready to go on a date, and I said that I just hoped that my date was DTS. "DTS?" They asked. So broke it down. DTS- Down To Snuggle. Oh trust me, I know it's extremely ridiculous. But it was just a catchy little phrase I learned from the J-Shore and it's stuck with me ever since. After that, our group somehow adopted the name.

Other acronyms for DTS include but are not limited to: doomed to snuggled, destined to snuggle, determined to snuggle, desire to snuggle, designed to snuggle.

So, our apartment is named DTS. It always feels a little uncomfortable to tell guys what that means if they happen to overhear us referring to ourselves as that. Let me introduce you to the cast of DTS.

Starlee Marie Jacobs. Hands down the happiest person you will ever meet. She is just so silly. Oh, and she laughs at everything I ever say, which is always a big plus.

Madi Mackey. (don't kill me for picking this picture, it just was too funny to pass up.) She is in INCREDIBLE baker! No joke. See that frosting? She just made up a recipe for it and it was delicious. She's a spanish whiz.

Next up? Hollie Vasser (left) and Rachel Udall (middle). Becky Wagner is on the right.. she doesn't live with us. Hollie reps the name quite well. She's super silly and funny, and also heads up the group running efforts. Rachel is so dang sweet. She definitely helps us all calm down and make smart decisions. If I make it out of college without going to jail, Rachel will most likely be the reason for that.

Last, but totes not least, Jasmyn Torres. The woman who has to deal with my slobbery and obnoxious antics on a regular basis. She is so hilarious. Cracks me up on the regular. Also, you might not know this, but she's a genius. True fact. Also, we always start our sentences with also when we talk to each other. Even if the thought before it has absolutely no relation, or we weren't even talking. She's the (wo)man.

So there you have it. DTS, all day every day. We have had such a great time together! We take turns cooking each night, and it's been great. Except for the small fact that we consistently ruin rice. It's either burned, squishy, or the consistency of oatmeal. Luckily, Jas bought a rice cooker of Amazon... here's to hoping we figure it out now! Here are a few pictures of the football game, night games, and what ever else I can scrounge up off of their facebooks.