Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Also, I'm more talented than you.

Tuesday! This week is creeping by. Speaking of creepers, Hannah, Jasmyn and I had a super fun time last night. I fixed a dress that was too short into a super cute shirt, using the bottom half of the dress as a do-rag. Getting in touch with my inner thug, as usual. Jasmyn came back about (what felt like) 7 hours later, even though it was only a few.. and we spent the rest of the night facebooking people and giggling about ridiculous things. Next thing we knew it was 2:45 in the morning and we were still awake. It caused for a somewhat slow morning on my side.

I had my first experience with the testing center yesterday! I was about 10 minutes into my Book of Mormon test and some kid decides it'll be a great idea to enter the testing center after not showering for roughly 2 years (I'm pretty sure that's against honor code...) and sit right in front of me. This is how my thought process went: Nephi... Lehi... HE SMELLS.... tree of life... EWWWW.... and it came to pass.... I'M GOING TO HURL. So needless to say, I picked up my test and moved a few rows over, which surprisingly enough solved the problem. I thought I'd need at least a 7 to 8 chair radius to survive. But I got an 89% on my first stats test! Wooo!

I LOVE GLEE. I'll admit it, I'm a complete gleek. But I just can't help it. Especially with Britney Spears being on there tonight, holy 90's flashback. Loved it. The girl who plays Brittany the Cheerio on the show just makes my day. I love how she just talks about her superior talent the whole show. Cracked me up. So, naturally, it's turned into a Britney Spears bumpin party in our room for the night. Its the cleaning soundtrack.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Henry the 8th

Well I guess this story requires some background information. Our toilet has been broken since the 2nd day we were here. Somehow along the way he was named Henry. It took 2 and a half weeks for Mr. Maintenance to come fix the toilet.. and we were SO relieved that it finally worked properly. Well guess what. It broke again. And Mr. Maintenance is too busy to show up. I told Hannah that we probably just need a Henry the 2nd to fix this, but as she was so kind to point out, "I think Henry the 8th would be more appropriate. I think he could handle a lot." Excellent observation.

This weekend has been so fun! Friday night we went out to dinner with Jasmyn's rich Uncle Bob. We've been mowing down on chocolate cake ever since. if you've never had the chocolate cake from PF Chang's, now is the time to get up off the computer and go get some. But share it with someone, or you will end up eating it all. And successfully gaining the freshman 15. Hannah and I went up with Brian Ballard to Salt Lake after that, which was definitely an adventure. Nothing like walking around for an hour on Temple Square trying to find a Denny's.

Saturday was a mellow day, homework, lunch with Dad and Dave, and Verizon Store. OH, and watching BYU lose a football game. Which seems to be a recurring theme of their season. Dinner at Outback after with Dave, Shelley, Dave, Dad, Kellie, Hannah, Jasmyn, Shelby, Cora, and me. It was a party for sursies. After much debate, we ended up going to a dance party at some random Pirate place behind the mall. SO FUN. I'm so GLAD that we went, even though I was definitely the biggest protester. Good times.

Well, this weekend was a sweet success. Only one more week til conference! I'm seriously starting a countdown, so excited to see Dane again. Plus Leah, Sam, and Pedro :]

Friday, September 24, 2010


HURRAY FOR THE WEEKEND. Seriously. Except maybe I'd be more excited if I actually had some plans. Hannah and I went to Macey's today to get some groceries to make dinner for Shelley tonight.. that was an adventure. We didn't have the recipe for the salad dressing we wanted, so I spent about 15 minutes on the phone trying to find it.. luckily I remembered my wonderful aunt Kari, and she had it. Lucky me! So now it's just killing some time until I go over to their house to cook.

I got geography notes today! The guy that sits next to me caved easy. My little plan worked, and now I'm not going to fail that test. Hallelujah. Turns out that class isn't that bad if I just pay attention.. who would have thought?! Went to lunch with Dave and Dad at Hickory Kist, and also sickly little Shelley. Poor kid. Her insurance costs more now, but is still a marginal cost compared to the real world, if you were wondering.

Yesterday afternoon- amazing! We went to the farmers market as the RS Presidency, and Emily Matthews came too. Seriously the most delicious raspberries and peaches EVER. They were soo awesome, I've been enjoying them all day. Then, I went to in-n-out with MaCall, MMM, followed by a fantastic WalMart trip. We spent about 20 minutes picking out nail polish colors, and also spilling nail polish remover all over the floor. Super funny. Next, on to the house to watch some Gossip Girl and paint our nails. it was bananas. My dad and Dave came and picked me up, then we went to iHop. Keep in mind, it was midnight by this point. There were some cute little 30 year old losers dressed up as knights (it was actually rather gross), and then the creepy old waitress hit on dave nonstop. As usual. Well, that's about it, dinner time!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

should have trusted the weather man.

Last night, Jasmyn and I were casually discussing the weather while I was looking at my clothes, and we were shocked that it said there would be thunderstorms. I mean come on, why would it randomly rain in the middle of the day when the rest of the week has been in the 70s and 80s? Well guess who looked like a fool? ME. As I walked out of my mission prep class today, sure enough it was pouring rain. Convenient, since I didn't have any means of covering myself. Numb fingers, soaked sweater, soggy feet. Enough said. My geography class today was a nightmare, my friend Spencer and I realized that we'd need all of the class notes for the test... which we have NOT been taking. So we're devising a plan for getting one, most likely including convincing the little nerdy kid that always sits by me to cough them up. It's because I'm such a good student, I know.

My new gray heels came in the mail today!! It's love. I've been wearing them all day long. Even while I was laying on the ground doing my arm exercises. Hannah was kind enough to document it for me. A rather embarrassing picture, if I do say so myself. I talked to my mommy on the phone for a while today, on the plus side everything at home is going smooth as butter, and life couldn't be any better! I'm glad to know that things are just going so perfect for her right now. It still feels weird for it to be a Wednesday night, but to not have a YW activity to go to! But I think tonight calls for a sub-zero run. If you haven't been there, it's a definite MUST. Delicious ice cream, made when you get there! Phenomenal.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..and then I caved.

Well, here it goes. It seemed like as soon as we left home, all my close friends got into the blogging scene. I just kept resisting, since I figured my life is far too boring to read about. And yet here I am. So I guess I'll just give an update on what's going on these days. I'm currently at BYU in Utah, and I LOVE it. Great roommates, fun classes, awesome experience. I can't imagine that I'd ever thought of going anywhere else. I miss my family SO much, but luckily my dad comes up for every home football game (why yes, he DOES bleed blue), so I get the pleasure of seeing him and his random guest every few weeks. It's a nice little treat. He'll be up here Thursday with uncle Dave! It's going to be so so fun. Im excited for the weekend. Now all I have to do is survive. Yesterday I went on a major wallet cleaning out raid, and ended up using all of my gift cards to do some online shopping. It was refreshing. I'm so excited to get all of my packages!! I just want real mail these days. It's so upsetting to open my mail thing every day to get nothing but the occasional flyer about scandinavian studies or safety week. So if you're ever feeling bored, feel free to jot off a note, stick some trash in an envelope, forward some junk mail, ANYTHING to give me that little adrenaline rush when I open my box and see something!